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Swing, modern Pipes from Design BerlinYou will find many new Pipes made by Design Berlin In the shop.

Made in Germany, these 9 mm filter pipes are another example of the quality engineering of German products. Offering a cool, consistent smoke, these are one of the finest filter pipes available today.
hand made pipes from Design BerlinSince 1948 Design Berlin Pipes have been made. Known for their intricately carved bowls and smooth smoking qualities. One of the few German pipes on the current market Design Berlin adds to the international flair.
Most series that Design Berlin produces show the typical German fashion: rather massive, large pipe bowls with a stem, shorter than on English and Danish pipes. The series show unity in finish but a variation in shapes that reflect the taste of the general pipe smoker.
Products with ralley-stripes or with brass rings on the top of the bowl can be found. The Gotha-series show mountings based on the traditional spigeots, however in these German products the filter system is incorporated. Also colourfull pipes from the so-called Creativ series and special pipes designed for right- or left-handed persons are part of the line.
Another characteristic of Design Berlin is the habit to include a double smoke tube in the mouthpiece. This feature makes the stem, usually made of acryl, stronger and less breakable.

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