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Magnum sand

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handmade pipes by Ser Jacopo vauen pipes Pipe Shop private brand
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Pipe Shop private brand, Success series, well-known as Campus by Design Berlin

Magnum, a pipe with unbeatable price-quality ratio.
vulcano design berlin The name is program. This pipe marks a large size and a beautiful clear grain.
DESIGN BERLIN discontinued the production of this pipe.
We bought the whole, remaining stock. So you still can get these grand pipes.
Fishtail Acryl-mouthpiece has a double smoke passage which provides an extremely mild smoke.


interesting pipes

Jeppesen Handmade pipes
new Jeppesen Handmade pipes
Jeppesen Handmade pipes

This Hand Made is manufactured from Bruyère in top quality, and distinguishes itself by its low weight and high-contrast grain.
These pipes promise a high smoke enjoyments through their low weight.
All individual production steps are done by Peter Jepessen himself.
Jeppesen Handmade

Peterson pipe.
the sellout.
All Peterson pipes you find in my shop are selected by hand.
Many of them are old models which were manufactured really by Peterson in Ireland.

Peterson pipe of the year 2010
special pipes

Caribbean Black Pearl
a fantastic pipe made by Design Berlin
Black PearlInspires from the legendary pirate Blackbeard the pipe maker of Design Berlin created a pipe of the special kind.
A symbiosis from a 1000-year-old oak bowl, combinate with a briar lining. The special processing technology lends a unique surface structure and a pleasant hand feeling to this pipe.
The brass application in the long mouthpiece completes the impression.


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