BB 1938

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Producer: Dunhill |  Item Number:  bb1938 | Shipped: within four days 

Dunhill My Mixture BB1938 Babys Bottom pipe tobacco is generally a full bodied, smooth, rich and balanced smoke.

Strength: medium
RoomNote: 3
Contents: english
Packaging: 50 gram

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Full of nice tannins with a clear smoky base due to the premium quality of the Latakia tobacco used in this mixture.
Packing design can be different, warning sticker etc.
BB 1938
50 gram tin 13.60 Euro

basic price: 27.20 € per 100 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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Customer Reviews for this product:
C. Rizos
Clasic english tobaco, very similar as Davidoff Royalty,top quality tobaco, not an all day tobaco for me, but with very characteristic taste of orientals.
A very tasty break, especialy in the middle od the day. Top quality 4.5 to 5 for me.