Classic Line No 15 Cognac Honey

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Producer: Hausmarken |  Item Number:  em15 | Shipped: within four days 

Sweetish, fragrantly and spicy.

Strength: medium
Flavoring: medium
Flavor: danish
Packaging: 100 gram

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This unusual, medium strong mixture consist of full-bodied Black Cavendish, sweetish Virginia and Broken Virginia with a light citrus aroma, to Curly and nuttily Burley and was refined with an extravagant cognac honey aroma delicately and full of salary.
The Classic Line tobacco series is not industrially manufactured. The tobacco is mixed carefully by hand.
Packing design can be different, warning sticker etc.
Classic Line No 15 Cognac Honig
100 gram tin 18.05 Euro

basic price: 18.05 € per 100 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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Customer Reviews for this product:
Leo Diakakis
Unsurpassed taste of honey, very delightfull for me 4.5 5