Denicool filter crystals

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Denicool filter crystals cool the tobacco smoke, absorb humidity and reduce nicotine and condensate considerably. Denicool filter crystals maintain the taste and increase the pleasure of smoking.
Denicool filter crystals are easy to handle and fit into each pipe.
basic price: 9,59 Euro pro 100 g

Typ: Filter
Packaging: 60 gram

How it works:
Put some crystals into the pipe bowl, then proceed the filling of the bowl with tobacco as usual. After smoking empty out the pipe together with the enriched dark colored crystals.
basic price: 9,59 Euro pro 100 g
Denicool Filterkristalle
60 gram tin 6.25 Euro

basic price: 10.42 € per 100 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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