Early Morning Pipe

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Producer: Dunhill |  Item Number:  st1028 | Shipped: within four days 

A classic English pipe tobacco with some Latakia, medium cut.

Strength: medium
RoomNote: 3
Contents: english
Packaging: 100 gram
Also available as:
50 gram tin

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Exquisite orient - tobaccoes are prepared carefully and mixed with light and red Virginia -tobaccoes, which were roasted light.
Packing design can be different, warning sticker etc.
Early Morning Pipe
100 gram tin 26.20 Euro

basic price: 26.20 € per 100 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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Customer Reviews for this product:
C. Rizos
Clasic english tobaco, very similar as Davidoff Royalty,top quality tobaco, not an all day tobaco for me, but with very characteristic taste of orientals.
A very tasty break, especialy in the middle od the day. Top quality 4.5 to 5 for me.
Recently I bought some three nuns pouch from UK. It was so bad that I could not smoke.
With little early morning and a bit of capstan I transform this awful thing to a nice virginia blend.