Manitou Organic Virginia Green

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Producer: Manitou |  Item Number:  em_5492 | Shipped: within three days 

Finely cut rolling tobacco of Manitou without synthetic additions.

Typ: Rolling Tobacco
Packaging: 30 gram

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Manitou Organic Virginia Grün
30 gram pouch 4.60 Euro

basic price: 1.53 € per 10 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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Customer Reviews for this product:
Spyros P.
excellent tobacco, premium quality, fantastic taste.
A tobacco of very high quality and great delicacy. Rediscover the pleasure of smoking.
A top quality tobacco. Good strength but not harsh.10 out of 10. Great service from a top quality shop. Thank You.
this is my usual tobacco, ultra pure, lovely mild tatse, great quality tobacco. From the pouch it smells very pleasant, like tea, the smoke also does not leave an unpleasant smell.
Nikolaos M.
If not the best Rolling tobacco, one of the best for sure.