Backwoods Authentic (Aromatic)

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A big cigarillo, discreetly flavours.

Typ: Cigars
Country of Origin: Dom.Republic
lenght: 115
diameter: 11
wrapper: Broadleaf
filler: Tobaccos from Africa and Asia
Packaging: 5 pcs.

Years ago a man wanted a good cigar, he'd rolls his own. These cigars didn't look that refined, but they sure tested good.
Now you can enjoy the same kind of smoke with Backwoods.
We start with a filler tobacco and blend it with a selection of Caribbean rum to give it a wild rum flavor.
Then we roll it in gentle-tasting broadleaf, a dark tobacco that is aged for at least 12 months to bring out its wild rum taste.We make them like they used to.
Backwoods Wild Rum cigars.
Backwoods Authentic (Aromatic)
available in September 5 pcs. pouch 3.80 Euro
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