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Currently we can not send Tobacco to all member state of the European Union.
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New way of flavouring your favourite Choice tobacco!

Tobacco Packaging Directive, known as TPD II, prohibits tobacco with categorizing flavour.
The new legislation came into effect 20. May 2016.
The popularity of flavoured tobaccos underlines the huge potential for various flavours as the consumers still want to have a freedom of choice and sense of exploring while consuming flavoured tobaccos.
Mac Baren offers you Scentit Instant flavouring. The new way of enjoying well known Choice tobacco and where the choice of flavour is truly in the hands of the consumer.
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cigarrette cover stopp warning sticker
Decorative, colorful and funny.
Simply the complete cigarette box into the cover and the shock pictures and warning stickers are disappeared.

High-quality tobacco pouch for hand rollers.stopp warning sticker
Available in brown and gray.
For inner pockets to comfortably store two different kinds of loose tobacco, filters, and lighter.

Tobacco box metal for hand rollers
cigarette maker

tobacco box with clip for rolling paper. 10x6cm
simply the best!

TOP-O-MATIC cigarette machine
cigarette maker

The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine lets you choose between making a king size or 100's size cigarette.
This is a strong, reliable cigarette machine.
This machine is simply the best!

highly recommended
Amsterdamer Orginal
 Amsterdamer Orginal

the top ten tobaccos of the week.

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Camel Feinshnitt cigarettes - Camel Feinshnitt -
Natural American Spirit Original Blend cigarettesOne of the quite few tobaccos without chemical additives! - Natural American Spirit Original Blend -
Natural American Spirit Masterblend Gold (Organic Blend) cigarettesFine taste, solely from high-quality tobacco. - Natural American Spirit Masterblend Gold (Organic Blend) -
Lucky Strike USA (Straight) Red cigarettes - Lucky Strike USA (Straight) Red -
Drum Yellow cigarettesThe tobacco is produced from a blend of barrel cured Dark Kentucky with bright Virginias. - Drum Yellow -
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