Kohlhase u. Kopp


Totuga Contrast

The reissue of the Tortuga is now made with a classical mouthpiece.
Extra large ebauchons are needed for the production of this pipe, which explains the marginal higher price compared to the other Jolly Rogers models. The hole at the side of the pipe does not have a function, it is just an eye catcher.

10 years jubilee

in 1990 the pipe shop has celebrating 10 years in online business.
For this reason we have created together with one of the most famous tobacco manufacturers our jubilee tobacco and have packed it appropriately.

pipe shop jubilee tobaccoThis tobacco is characterized by its top aroma and freshness. Carefully hand blended, Meanwhile we don't have the beautiful wooden cases any more, so this tobacco comes in a tin.

Vivacious like the music of Glenn Miller.
Swing Design BerlinPipe with smaller filling-volumes, has a fine swung shape. The stem can be turned about 180 degrees. Nonchalant, hanging in the corner of your mouth or dynamically upward. According to your mood.
Only few pipes back.

Backwoods are back Dunhill Three Year Matured
Gizeh charcoalfilter 10x100

Special Line No 24
Kohlhase Kopp Winter Edition 2010

This is a clone of Summertime 2011 made Kohlhase & Kopp.
Kohlhase & Kopp still produces this tobacco exclusive for the pipe shop. The name and the tin has change, but the tobacco is the same.
The sun gives us warmth, light, energy and lets us tip out luck hormones. Now there is one more reason more to be pleased about the summer. Peterson has dedicated specially the limited Summertime Edition to the nice season. Who cannot wait for the beach vacation or it does not create possibly at all there, that can be pleased about this summery mixture.

Peterson Limit special edition.
Peterson pipe of the year

Peterson Pipe of the year 2008, with lot of silver on bowl and shank.
Finish: Natur.


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The tobaccos from the Classic Line series is not industrially manufactured. The tobacco is mixed carefully by hand..

dänischer Pfeifentabak
The most tobaccos belongs to the Danish taste. They are mild to medium strong, rich in aroma and with pleasant room note.

HOBBY: Pipe Carving

pipe carving

Briar wood block
Briar Wood block, bent stem, for creating & carving your own pipe.