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preiswerte Pfeifenfilter im Pfeifen Shop The Italian company millefiori (thousand flowers) is one of the leading manufacturers of aromatic products. The specially designed diffuser lamps "Lampair" improve the indoor air quality significantly. Unlike scented sprays or candles, the smells only cover, this destroys the catalytic stone, by splitting their molecules, reduces bacterial and fungal spores, and simultaneously emits a pleasant fragrance.
DuftlampenThe elegant Italian design makes this lamp at a very decorative Wohnaccessoir and a gift for any occasion. The applications are endless. They range from the living room from the kitchen to bathroom and office - just everywhere where it should smell good.

When should I let the lamp burn?

You can activate to eliminate unpleasant odors or just to stimulate their senses and fragrance for their rooms comfortable. It is not advisable to let the lamp burn simultaneously during cooking or smoking, as permanent new scents are being developed. Airing it after the boil or smoke in the usual manner and then turn them on their lamp. Within a short time no unpleasant odors will be more noticeable.

How long should I let the lamp burn?

I recommend to their own feelings to follow. What one is too much, is another pleasant. For some, the mere function is in the foreground, others can Lampair happy for a long time in operation and enjoy the constant scenting. The recommendation square feet (about 1 minute burn time per square meter) is only partially valid. The height of the rooms and the degree of pollution also play a role. The scenting does not end automatically. The catalyst is terminated only by covering the catalyst.

Which scent is right for what purpose?

Again, the tastes are different. Scents can stimulate or calm. But the premises, the personal mood and season exert a decisive influence on our decision, what we smell when, where and how to feel comfortable. Men prefer for their living rooms tend woody fragrances, women are rather sweet and fruity. Several Lampair with different scents for each apartment are not uncommon. For the living room there are pleasant scents, such as e Ligne species, for bathroom smells like pure Linen or Talco, for the kitchen Neutral, freshly-vital for the office such as Green Tea or Oxygen. For the warm season, there's also a scent of the mosquitoes effectively distributes from the balcony.

What to consider if I want to change the fragrance?

You can return the liquid through the funnel in their tank. The wick should then be dried in the open for 12 hours. Alternatively, the fragrance remaining in the wick will be wrung out with paper towels. After commissioning of new but are still remnants of the old scent will be there for several minutes.

What should I watch for the use of the stone?

Modern Jet Flame Lighters and laser are not suitable for the inflammation. The temperature reached these can damage the stone. It is also important to stone during cooling not to touch the cap, as this may cause damage. The catalytic stone is a consumable product. The residues of the store formed during combustion of fragrances with time off in the stone. This can achieve the Lampair optimally effective, it should after about half a year to be replaced.

Precautions are necessary?

Keep the lamp necessarily away from children and pets. The stone may be active in contact for several hours even cause burns. Keep the Lampair necessarily away from flammable objects and make them easily this on a level surface. The fragrances are made of 95 percent alcohol and are not suitable for human consumption. Let the lamp unattended.

Are the scents Harmful?

No. All fragrances comply with all national and international requirements for the product group. You will be tested at a German research laboratory and are all certified.