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13 Nov 2018

The new Limited Edition a premium class merger

CHIEFTAIN'S pipe tobaccos

Original barrel aged tobaccos of the absolute premium class! chieftain's WhiskyThe mixtures were maturing from the month of March in barrels of the Ian McLeod distillery where the beloved Chieftain's Whiskies come from.

The barrels, all of them varieties of bourbon, were filled with 200 kg each of the 3 different blends. The first barrels were opened beginning of September after more than half a year of ageing for the tobacco to be filled in tins. As you can see the appearance of the labels has completely changed they now follow the beautiful round packaging of the Chieftain's whisky bottles: an absolute jewel.Chieftain Tobacco
As usual we went to the greatest lengths possible for these luxury mixtures. A long time has passed after the birth of the idea, and high efforts were made, but we were really amazed by this project.
The work resulting and the small details we have dedicated to these tobaccos will surely come out while smoking.
The new label shows following information:
- the severely limited quantity of 2000 tins per kind only
- the finish: bourbon
- the filling date of the barrels: March
- the filling of the tobacco in the tins: September