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19 Dec 2018

new pipes in the pipe shop
handmade pipes by Ser Jacopo vauen pipes Pipe Shop private brand
Ser Jacopo an extravagant collection Vauen Solitär and Extra
the best Vauen Pipes
Pipe Shop private brand, Success series, well-known as Campus by Design Berlin
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Volker Hundertmark
Volker Hundertmark

Likeable - the first impression of Volker Hundertmark is not deceptive.Being a designer and a fan of Scandinavia, he leaves a trace of his congeniality andfriendly open-mindedness in all projects.
His great passion for flowing lines brought about his concept for the VH which arouses enthusiasm in its wonderful form and perfect processing from every considerable angle.
Such an individual pipe naturally also deserves individual presentation.
The chief attraction of the wooden pipe stand made from noble Cocobolo: Inside it also offers space for the safekeeping of pipe-cleaners.
Pipe and stand are delivered aptly in a beautiful metal packaging.
The VH really is essential to every collection!
Volker Hundertmark

Design Berlin
Blue Sapphire
A new noble pipe made by Design Berlin.
Blue Sapphire
Mysteriously, blue up to violet gleams this pipe jewel. The faceted head reminds of the cut of diamonds.
special pipes

Horst Lichter Collection 2011
new Horst Lichter pipes
Horst LichterAfter the magnificent success of the first collection, there was no question that this autumn a new Horst Lichter pipe menu should be served. Thus, in close cooperation with the charismatic TV-master chef and restaurant owner this wonderful pipe collection was created.
The New Horst Lichter is available in smooth brown, black high gloss and rusticated.
Every pipe carries a number and there will be no more than 1,500 pieces distributed worldwide.

the sellout
Peterson pipe.
the sellout.
Peterson pipe of the year 2010


Silver Spigot pipe for ladies and gentlemen without Filter Silver Spigot
An elegant pipe for ladies and gentlemen.
Accentuated classical, with spigot mouthpiece made of silver. Designed for the lovers of the pure, genuine tobacco pleasure without filter.
Producer: Rattray

The long stem of this pipe allows a cool smoke also without filter.

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