Function. Design. Sensuality.

preiswerte Pfeifenfilter im Pfeifen Shop The Italian company millefiori (thousand flowers) is one of the leading manufacturers of aromatic products. The specially designed diffuser lamps "Lampair" improve the indoor air quality significantly. Unlike scented sprays or candles, the smells only cover, this destroys the catalytic stone, by splitting their molecules, reduces bacterial and fungal spores, and simultaneously emits a pleasant fragrance.
DuftlampenThe elegant Italian design makes this lamp at a very decorative Wohnaccessoir and a gift for any occasion. The applications are endless. They range from the living room from the kitchen to bathroom and office - just everywhere where it should smell good.

When should I let the lamp burn?

You can activate to eliminate unpleasant odors or just to stimulate their senses and fragrance for their rooms comfortable. It is not advisable to let the lamp burn simultaneously during cooking or smoking, as permanent new scents are being developed. Airing it after the boil or smoke in the usual manner and then turn them on their lamp. Within a short time no unpleasant odors will be more noticeable.

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