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Kohlhase u. Kopp Easter Edition 2017
Kohlhase & Kopp Edition I – Africa
This year’s Collector’s Edition is presented in cheerful and beaming yellow with an ornately embossed Easter egg to put you in the mood for spring.

The 2017 Easter Edition has really set the celebration corks popping. Our master blenders have expertly combined champagne and coconut to produce a truly exciting combination that is set off by a note of fine vanilla and comprises a colourful mix of golden Virginia, nutty Burley and dark Black Cavendish.

Kohlhase & Kopp Winter Edition 2016
Kohlhase & Kopp Winter Edition 2016

This Winter Edition is a wonderfully pleasurable accompaniment through the cold days.
Just the sight of this winter Edition will put you in a Christmassy mood: a sparkling Christmas tree in front of a decorated fireplace with blazing fire and cosy arnchair. Candles burning, Christmas is just around the corner.
When you open the tin, you will be seduced by the delicious scent of candied oranges and toasted almonds. This blend is given a wintry character with the addition of rum, cinnamon and cloves. This colourful tobacco blend is made up of Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia, Broken Virginia and some Perique.

3 powerful characters -
special line

the new.
Special Line serial
contain tobaccos with a variety of different flavors. The first two of this line, the No 20 and No 21, evoke Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture and Dunhill Aromatic.
Although for both tobaccos absolutely demand exists, they are not produced any more for many years.
Friends of these classics will be enthuse by these tobaccos.
The third one, No 21, is not a rebuilt, it is the original, great Kohlhase & Kopp Tobacco Of The Year 2010, which is still produced exclusive for the Pipe Shop.

Premium tobaccos Premium Mixture - Our own brand Premium Mixture No.1 to No.4 are tobaccos of the absolute top class.
Four well balanced mixtures made of best and noble tobaccos.
Each of these tobaccos has its own, distinctive character. From mellow till powerful, from sweetly till English. They have one thing in common, they are made from tobaccos of the best tobacco areas of the world, and mixed by a real master. They are real Premium tobaccos.

danish pipe tobacco Classic Line - The tobaccos of the Classic Line series becomes carefully
mixed by hand.
The most tobaccos belongs to the Danish taste.
They are mild to medium strong, rich in aroma and with pleasant room note.


highly recommended
Golden Blend
This is a special pipe tobacco mixture of black Black Cavendish.
 Golden Blend

the top ten tobaccos of the week.

Sungold (Vanilla) pipe_tobacco Vanilla flavours give this high-contrast pipe tobacco the unusual flavour balance of dezent more finely sweet ones and to fresh fruity - Sungold (Vanilla) -
Original Choice pipe_tobacco This tobacco is a new pioneering pipe tobacco which will appeal to novice pipe smokers and the younger generation. - Original Choice -
Danish Mixture pipe_tobacco A top danish type pipe tobacco. - Danish Mixture -
Danish Mixture Sungold - Vanille pipe_tobacco A Danish pipe tobacco of best quality. - Danish Mixture Sungold - Vanille -
Royal Prussian tobacco college 1722 red pipe_tobacco A high aromatic pipe tobacco of Matured Virginias and some roasted US-Burley. - Royal Prussian tobacco college 1722 red -
Classic Line No 15 Cognac Honey pipe_tobacco Sweetish, fragrantly and spicy. - Classic Line No 15 Cognac Honey -
Classic Line No 18 Honey Fig pipe_tobacco A delicate, fine-fruity mixture which shows a discreet, but unexpectedly fresh taste. - Classic Line No 18 Honey Fig -
Alfred Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture pipe_tobacco A rich flavored blend of light and dark Virginia tobaccos with a touch of Louisiana Perique for added zest. - Alfred Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture -
Dunhill Flake pipe_tobacco Classically, English, medium. - Dunhill Flake -
Royal Yacht pipe_tobacco fine sweetness, light flavoured. A fine pipe tobacco. - Royal Yacht -